Museum of
Instant Ramen

Mobile Web, Print, Packaging, Branding

A conceptual rebrand for The Museum of Instant Ramen as they revamp their image and look to the future, drawing people toward their interactive workshops and staying true to the history of the Nissin Ramen brand.

Ramen is one of the most well-known convenience foods globally. I needed to find a way to both keep the product familiar and take it to the next level. Because of the museum’s popularity among both tourists and Osaka locals, keeping the local culture and language as part of the brand was a high priority. Inspired by that ethos and by Ando’s more futuristic food exploits, I created a forward-facing identity concept for this once-in-a-lifetime museum experience.


This poster is meant to be placed in public areas around Japan. It draws the public eye with a bold and eye-catching graphic of the signature wavy noodle and casual brand language. 

Mobile Landing Page

The mobile website borrows its visual language inspiration from Momofuku Ando’s lifelong sight of space as the final frontier for his product. Here potential visitors can find everything from what exhibits are in place to what days are available for workshops.

At The Museum

For the museum, I created an access wristband, entryway signage, and an instructional sheet for the museum’s popular noodle making class.

In combination with the conceptual revamp of the museum, I also revamped the packaging of their signature product Cup Noodle, bringing the cult favorite into the present with a design focused on the punchy ingredient profiles of each flavor.