Pressé Jam

Packaging, Editorial

Presse, a jam company in upstate New York, wanted to target pastry chefs with their new product, rather than the average consumer. Because pastry chefs often prefer to create their own jams, jellies, and preserves from scratch to better control the ingredients within, we needed to develop a  marketing strategy that would appeal to those usually looking to pass on a pre-made product.

So jam, but without the rest of it, was born. Developed specifically for pastry chefs and emphasizing the handmade process and the minimal list of ingredients, putting the control and trust of the contents back in the hands of chefs.


Packaging was created using hand-drawn illustrations in the style of 20th century etchings to give a rustic, earthy feel. Content organization was inspired by the clean minimalism of a modern beauty brand.

Pressé Cookbook

Concepted as a partnership with pastry chefs who represent the brand, this cookbook is a special edition that shares their favorite jam-based recipes.